Wrong bike II

Txt msg:

Crap road to Grafton to
check out, then some stuff
on map. Need mountain
bikes, let’s take road bikes.

I was lying, of course, since I’d be on my ‘cross bike, but nutter Craig doesn’t care. He thinks with 50 miles of asphalt riding tucked in there that concessions to mountain biking are stupid.

I thought that the section up from Kautz Hollow would be trouble. There was some walking and Craig had to stop and quickly lay down on his side a few times, which he blamed on his Speedplay pedals. But it was fine:

Then we wondered whether South Long Pond Road would link up to Dyken Pond Road. It did, via a hiking trail which involved, well, hiking.

(Though some of it was ridable.)

Dyken connects to Fifty 6 Road through some doubletrack. And then we were poised to come back down to Berlin on Plank Road, but instead turned to explore Legion Road. Which ends in an effed up gravely doubletrack which we followed.

That ends completely in a loggers’ clearing. So we bushwacked for 45 minutes to get to Toad Point Road.

During the bushshwack Craig was thirsty. Whatever. We’d had water just a few hours before.

Then home over Petersburg pass, five and a half hours riding, one hour on foot. (Apologies for the lo-fi photos.)