Portrait by Logan Watts

I’m an expedition cyclist, travel writer, and speaker. I took my first bikepacking trip in 1988 and have since pedaled the world to experience cultures and geographies at a human pace and scale. I’m on the editorial staff at Bikepacking.com, a proud ambassador for Seven Cycles and Revelate Designs, and a friend of the brand at Search and State.

My work—though it hardly feels like a job to engage ideas and teach some of the best students in the world—is professor of philosophy at Williams College where I have chaired the Cognitive Science and the Science and Technology Studies Programs. I think about topics in mind, knowledge, cognition, and embodiment. My wife Margaret and I split our time between our native New York City and Southern Vermont. I’m Puerto Rican and my dad drove a cab for 30 years in Manhattan.

Drop me a line at jcruz@williams.edu.

—Joe Cruz, PhD