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A Bikepacking primer

Bikepacking isn’t the slightest bit a novel idea. Late nineteenth century black and white photographs of cyclists with bedrolls and framebags heading out into the countryside or on months long trips over international borders show that the bicycle has always been for freedom and exploration. If anything is new in the current enthusiasm for bikepacking, it’s firstly that specific and optimized gear is now widely available for it, and secondly and more importantly, there is a critical mass of the aesthetic sensibility to make it within the imaginative grasp of all of us.

Lightweight touring packing list

The LBS recently put me in contact with someone who has done a few bike tours but who “wants to travel light without being pathological about it.” The person was hoping for my comments more than just a gear list, and was also curious about the specific items for reference. It sounded like a reasonable goal to me, so I put together a list of the things I bring on a tour when I’m not trying to be ultrathisorthat. There are a thousand of excellent ones of these on-line, and I don’t imagine that mine is particularly innovative or special. Something like this inventory has served me well, though, for tours lasting from mere days to months and months. It usually comes in under 25 lbs., counting panniers but not including the minimal kit worn while actually pedaling.