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Gear for Alaska summer touring

(1) Tent  (2) Tent poles  (3) Riding/hiking shoes  (4) Patagonia Nano puff pullover  (5) Patagonia shell  (6) Gore-tex shorts  (7) OR rain hat  (8) Rain booties  (9) Sleeping bag  (10) Utility cord  (11) Stainless steel bottle  (12) Howie’s merino ss shirt  (13) Icebreaker merino ls shirt  (14) Smartwool cycling shorts  (15) Nzo Dobies cycling shorts (16) Two pairs merino underwear  (17) Prana travel pants  (18) Sandals  (19) Pump/duct tape/spare spokes  (20) Pot  (21) MSR Superfly stove  (22) Coffee filter  (23) Soap  (24) Plastic mug  (25) Knife  (26) Mosquito head net  (27) Headlamp  (28) Camera battery charger  (29) Panasonic Lumix camera  (30) Earbuds/recharge cord  (31) iPhone  (32) Leg warmers  (33) Wool cycling cap  (34) Gloves  (35) Sunglasses  (36) Watch  (37) First aid kit  (38) Mini deck of cards  (39) Spare tube  (40) Compass  (41) Water purification tabs  (42) Spork  (43) Steripen  (44) Big Agnes Clear View air pad  (45) Waterproof matches  (46) Pen and paper  (47) Book  (48) Photocopied maps  (49) Garmin 705 GPS  (50) Two pairs Smartwool socks  (51) Travel towel  (52) Toiletries  (53) Blinkie  (54) Cable lock  (55) Tools.

In Anchorage add: bear spray, DEET, fuel cartridge, food.

24lbs./10.9kg, including rear panniers.

Moab itinerary

Somehow, and in spite of the many extraordinary things he’s done on bicycles and HPV’s, Rob had never been to Moab.  This October we remedied that.  I’ve ridden in Southern Utah more times than I can remember, but I knew that seeing the old classics through new eyes would be a treat.

Rob used this vacation as a chance to test out his new folding 29er design in rigid singlespeed configuration; naturally, I brought my rigid singlespeed race rig (with the small concession of gearing down to 34×19). What else would you use in Moab?

I felt pressure to arrange the proven standards into a compact trip:

Journal entry from 24 hours of Dalton

[From 2003.]

This wide and steep singletrack is the last notable climb of my fourth lap, and I’m guessing that it’s a little before 3am.  Ahead I can see the wiggling cones of light and tail-flashers of a half dozen racers walking. I find the prone figure next to the trail mildly unnerving until a guy with a camera sitting next to him confirms that it’s no worse than a solo competitor napping.  Right around then the stabbing pain of a cramp on the inside of my left leg suggests that I should join him.  Instead, I try to stretch it out while turning the gears, and this causes a different cramp to shoot through my right hamstring.  Standing up on the pedals to relieve that pain sets the left leg alight again.