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Western Crete Pt. 2

Almost seeable enough to shut the lamp so I do, the kind of road with constant curves and the gentlest of ups and downs. Timecheck and it’s precarious at this pace, looking at the contour of the track I’ve loaded into my GPS, maybe, maybe with five minutes to find the dock and get my bearings.

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Ancient Greece

In these places the implication of ascent, lift limitward. The shard that cracks the cryptography of Ancient Greece, that we leap, maybe in a protestful denial that we’re fragile, maybe in a realization of an authentic transcendence.

Munich Postcard

Last days of honeymoon, complete the circuit to Munich, human scales and harmonies, peopled paths, a gentle and loved park with sculpted streams running through it where we watch a multi generational cadre of surfers […]

Cycling the Danube


Sometimes companionably close to the water’s movement, sometimes straying into hills, a plainly and can’t go wrong marked route but easy enough to improv for exploration. We ride in the balming clarity and heat alongside vineyards, through one stone church three dozen building villages, sometimes detouring through bigger towns for a beer or ice cream.

We lose count of cyclotourists making the Budapest to Prague journey, chubby rear panniers with a bar bag, sometimes mixing in with day riders on three speeds. All of us cycling without a trace of need or misery, pedesis in the carrying landscape.



Vienna Postcard

Organic motion against orderly, settled and therefore settling historically conscious handsomeness. Primary color light rail to the three glass wall stop shoving aside tiny cars. Grass triangle parks, picnic tables pulled up prams, municipal workers […]