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These first hours are the merest fragmental sliver of a ride across the USA to San Francisco to Los Angeles and then a New York return. But they’re the hours that set the emotions and put us on a road together where we’ll laugh and see and ride an idea, namely the idea that on a bicycle trip we’re in a place up close with our best vulnerabilities and openness, that we’re supporting each other not by insulating ourselves from the landscape but by enabling each other to breathe better in it.

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Western Crete Pt. 2

Almost seeable enough to shut the lamp so I do, the kind of road with constant curves and the gentlest of ups and downs. Timecheck and it’s precarious at this pace, looking at the contour of the track I’ve loaded into my GPS, maybe, maybe with five minutes to find the dock and get my bearings.

Munich Postcard

Last days of honeymoon, complete the circuit to Munich, human scales and harmonies, peopled paths, a gentle and loved park with sculpted streams running through it where we watch a multi generational cadre of surfers […]