Deep sleep black but for frozen fingers wind tissing in my ears body swaying into turns, lost in the slaloms and so lost away from expectations or thoughts. Some arc happens, primal inchoate subsensory, slow to a stop to a silence. Consciousness in a suspension with no yet why. Then the way you see a faint astral body by looking away, then two emerald high pitch punctures through the shroud, then bright luminescence like a voice toward a shout. Argent beam bouncing leaf to leaf, those eyes in my headlamp. I twitch and spots in my headlamp. A leopard! She crouches on the rock higher than my head through the bushes 10 meters away.

“What are you?”
“Why are you here?”
“Who made us like this?”
“I am made different because of you.”

Three minutes pass.

“In a parallel reality we might understand each other, but in this one, we are just gravity for one another, just void and light and dream.”

She streaks away.