Brilliant Revolights

(Photo by M. Coady)

Revolights makes an innovative set of lights for seeing and being seen while commuting. They mount on the wheels just below and outboard of the rims, and illuminate from in front and behind as the wheel rotates. This is achieved by the LED’s that are at any moment in front of the front wheel or in back of the back wheel turning on, and then turning off through the rest of the rotation.

Installation required concentration and patience for the first wheel, and was then a breeze for the second. I enjoyed the meditative aspect of it. And then, the results! The lights brightened the night literally for me and metaphorically for dozens of not-easily-impressed New Yorkers. One group called out “Tron!” Another guy on a bike: “Speedracer!” And uncountable numbers of “cool,” “those are amazing,” “I love those,” and “Wow!” Strangers took photos, groups of onlookers speculated on how they might work, and drivers stopped to ask where they could get them.

There are a few limitations, including that it will be hard to get to the valve stem given where the light frame sits on the wheel—it is easy enough to carry around a valve extender—and that the lights are intended to stay on the bicycle at all times. (In fairness, this latter can be an advantage.) Still, in all, they are brilliant.

A kind gift from Judy.