Virginia Postcard

Rappahannock County, staccato rollered dirt road lattice, the Blue Ridge horizon and our fingers and toes freeze but we don’t mind, what with the sapphire sky, the slow motion bare branches, the horse farm quiet sunsetting. Somehow the unpeace of the Civil War landscape makes for an unusual tranquility in pedaling, we go back in time even further to a town that George Washington surveyed himself. This wonderful place to ride.


Full Rappahanock County Map (PDF)

2 thoughts on “Virginia Postcard

  1. Hi Joe,
    These pictures pretty much sum up riding in that beautiful area. Just throw in a picture of some 200+ year old stone walls and that would nail it. I live in Fort Collins, CO right now, but Virginia is the landscape I am most intimately familiar with, and my parents live in Rappahannock County. Every time I visit, my luggage is filled with my biking gear.

    Thanks for the beautiful photos.

    • Hi Arpad, your parents certainly live in a wonderful place! Yes, lovely stone walls along the rolling hills.

      I appreciate the comment, and thanks for visiting.


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