August in New York City

Aglow from time overseas, re-delight in the familiar and the streets and leaning buildings, crackling movement. Errands, shows, coffee dates by Citibike, soaring in that transformation of the City. Saturday Lafayette and Park Ave. closed for grin lowspeed cycle watching on our way to a museum and a central park. A trip to the beach, intentionally haphazardly packed into panniers to ride to a ferry, an hour later on bike paths to the sand and history and intermittent eyes closed summer reading iced tea taking dips in the ocean. New York Cycle Club rides that begin at 7am in Grand Central Station majesty, a hundred riders milling near the information booth before loading onto the many different rail lines to where the rides start. A pedal to the best pizza in the universe. A spontaneous circumnavigation of Manhattan in the shadow of Yankee Stadium crowdsounds, the contrasting melodies of the grit dirt east side and the shiny west. Take a break in a Harlem community garden, later up stairs for a beer and fries on the extraordinary Highline, retreat home on the subsonic leading wave of a thunderstorm.