Memento Park Budapest

Ten kilometers south of Budapest, through grimy burbs and by car dealers and home improvement stores, then we’re shortcutting overhill on a dirt path into what looks like a greenspace on the map but is instead an ignored in between of vacant spaces,
powerlines and rail tracks and the kinds of gravely spots where people pile palettes and small rusty things, a half hour later ejected into a housing development we arrive at Memento Park. Put here to emphasize its apartness, arranged so that it won’t be forgotten.

The park/museum contains relocated rescued statues from Hungary’s communist period, post WWII to 1989. The icons, taken down from public squares and prominent hilltops, reflect various states of republic fervor inspired damage. The arrangement of the pieces and the grounds themselves offer a historical and political narrative of Hungary’s transformation. After an interesting visit, we ride back to the city.