NYC Bike Share

A patient disciplined row, approachable eager shiny newness. Suit, tie, polished shoes rolls up, dismounts, double checks that it’s secure before pulling the briefcase out of the basket. He walks away, almost looks surprised, a stylishly dressed woman arrives, click, gathers her things, too. Later, misting rain, moving along a sidewalk traversed a thousand times. Dip my key in, lift the bike a little to disengage it, eyeball saddle height to the six and a bit mark. Pedal toward downtown with an umbrella in my left hand, brake and shift right. Someone calls out a question about how it rides. Smile, answer truthfully where my meaning is easy, neutral, comfortable, confident. Secure into an open stand at Hanover Square, just past Wall Street. Two guys with Gore Tex shells over their blazers chatting, already nonchalant on this, the second day of the NYC Bike Share Citibike Program, grab a couple and glide into the drizzle.

New York City tried to turn me into a pedestrian, but I doubt that I’ll walk more than two blocks much again. Brilliant.

citibike NYC bike share