Rescued Photos talk by David Herlihy

David Herlihy—renowned cycling historian and author of Bicycle: The History and The Lost Cyclist (two of my favorites)—gave a terrific talk today on recently recovered images from the famous round-the-world trip by Allen and Sachtleben in 1891. The photos were scanned from negatives long buried in UCLA’s archives, and include samples from their time in Greece, Turkey, and Persia. This is part of the span that would provide the source material for Across Asia on a Bicycle (1894).

The cultural and social aspects of their journey fascinate the most, but looking at their strikingly modern bikepacking gear for broken rough roads is a treat, too.


If you’re in NYC tomorrow (May 4th), head down to the Bike Expo NYC to catch a repeat performance at 4pm.


2 thoughts on “Rescued Photos talk by David Herlihy

  1. Thanks, Joe! For those of you in the Seattle area please note that I will give a similar presentation at the Seattle Public Library on July 11.

  2. great find, joe- i got a copy of across asia on a bicycle on my kindle, to read on the next tour. i have often noticed the ahead of their time bikepacking style of the “buffalo soldiers” bicycle mounted calvary that patrolled yellowstone. those cats have a good story as well if you haven’t checked them out.,

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