Theory of Dressing

A quick note to a friend going on her first cycle tour describing the theory behind minimal-ish kit:

Obviously, your shorts, short sleeve top, socks, (x2) +shoes riding combo are your base outfits during the day. In the AM you probably start out with the arm and leg warmers on, and maybe the rain jacket. If it is or gets colder, you put on the hat, gloves and the insulating layer instead of the rain jacket. If it gets even colder you put the rain jacket back on and the rain pants and rain booties, even if it’s not raining. That’s your warmest setup and, if you’re still cold while pedaling on rolling terrain, then it’s too cold to ride, call it a day!

If you feel like you’re in a situation that calls for a bit of modesty during the day, you pull on your presentable shorts or your presentable trousers.

At the end of the day and off the bike, you wear your underwear, shorts or pants, shoes, and your t-shirt if just lounging around, the presentable stuff if you are out and about. You’ll sleep in your t-shirt. If you need to wear a jacket while out at night, it’ll be your rain jacket. Insulating layer, and hat, too, if it’s cold. Thus, it’s nice if those aren’t overly techy in their look.

While at the hostal, you’ll wash your riding kit from that day while in the shower or in the sink with a bit of soap. The kind of soap doesn’t matter, dish soap is great, and then lay it flat on a towel and roll the towel very tight to pre-dry it. Hang it, and it’ll be dry in the AM. If it’s not, you’ll wear the other kit.

Flip flops for showers and for hanging around if it’s warm.

Make sense?