Arizona postcard

Photo by Cass Gilbert

Superior, Arizona—Splay out gear in sunshine, cliché nylon and wool pennant prayer flags outside the Copper Mountain Motel room. We chisel cake off the mudders, treat ourselves to huevos rancheros, Circle K doughnuts, eye the sky nodding to ourselves the enough indigo for reset. Groceries. A short tour of town produces no new fastener for the axle, boys on bmx bikes guide us to the Sunday closed bike shop, but the ridiculous improvised solution is working well enough still. At least we get to see some of the streets and are entertained by earnest art festival hosts dressed in velvet and patent leather renaissance fair costumes.

Roll out toward the hills, see the deep and wobble of our last night’s tracks, this time with horizons and expanse from the heights. Maybe nothing is aglow like yesterday, but we can feel the loaded crackling potentiality rain ready for desert Spring in six weeks. Miss out on singletrack we’d planned, the LOST and the Picket Post new section of AZT that many have celebrated. The day is forgiving, with matte brown ochre greens rumples. For photographing, pointing off, for puddles riding and then ending in Box Canyon’s closing walls. Near the exit we find an easy sandy spot to camp, will be a short ride to Gary’s truck tomorrow in drizzling threat.


Thanks to Scott Morris for sharing his explorations of the area and making following the route easy. And especially to Gary and Cass for the company. Check out Cass’s photos and words at While Out Riding.