3 thoughts on “Colombia photo album I

  1. Joe, I love following your adventures.
    Your page has helped me in planning some bikepacking
    Adventures of my own. Last January I rode the coast of Costa Rica’s
    Nicoya Penninsula. It was an out and back trip
    From the Libera Airport to the gulf and back.
    My time there was amazing and I can’t wait I get back.

    Bikepacking is an expencive endeavor. The annual
    Cost seems to shrink a I accumulate gear. Next
    I need to trade in my alum rude for a steely with couplers.
    To ease my travel expenses.

    I hope this question isn’t too obtrusive…how do you fund
    All of your adventures!?

    • Hi Trevor—Thanks for the visit. Your Costa Rica tour sounds fun and interesting. CR is so incredibly beautiful. Any photos of your trip kicking around the web?

      Yeah, bikepacking can be expensive, I suppose. Sometimes I tell myself (and mention to my wife) that at least I’m not into sailing or something crazy like that. I guess I think about the cost in two ways: Firstly, there’s the gear, the getting there, and the costs while there (wherever “there” may be). And secondly there’s the lost wages of being away from work, if that’s an issue.

      As far as the first, for me usually the flight to a far off place is the single biggest expense and I just expect to spend between US$750 and US$2k. That’s money that I save for the purpose with travel in mind. As you suggest, gear is mostly a one-time expense, and I’m fairly settled with what I like to use. And then there’s the in-place costs, which I find to be low in the places I like to travel. As you no doubt know, per week spending in Nepal or in Peru, say, is absurdly low if you’re camping or staying in cheap hostels.

      As far as “lost” wages, I feel lucky to have a job that has spans of sabbatical and summer off time built in, so I can travel while still having a regular salary.

      I know that that’s not a particularly illuminating answer, but that’s how I personally swing it.


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