Trail Postcard

Dirt patch parked racked cars with partly opened windows, towels or t-shirts on the seat backs, the heat and bright midmorning stasis. Pull the cross country rides out, helmet clicks, gloves, polarized sights slowly at first into the woods then more conviction. Don’t look at collision things to be avoided, after all the goal is not focus like a stylus on a hard surface but rather the effusion of attention into around among leaves or shale or roots. Breaks in the branches above to blue, sideways to steel black grey marsh, ahead to trail over stone fence metaphors for the past. Body is Planck length precise now, perception wormhole visits future what is going to happens, rise kick drop boulder pop slip torque wind it up out of saddle chest to stem bolt, an opaque muddy bit brings thoughts back wondering if it’s so deep that ankles are likely to get caked. Curves fit this span of woods, modest but the boundaries only present at intersection map inspections, during the doing movement is movement, full displacement from were’s. 1100 grins.