New York Postcard

Last night in a darkness like a shawl and unbright enough to seem unusual, tree creaking coda to hiss, critters doing a jig and pitch that makes them seem five times the size they really are. We laugh at the distance from the heights lights painted lines and geometrical, Square Times, so far close far. All it took was shrugging off the inertia of where how would we go?, and out along Long Island to loop along the bays, the rolling farmlands, the mansions with pathology turned to and into pleasing hedge manicuring. Dinner from a shack on a pier to sunset watch boats that look like boats one readily imagines, and then ones from exaggerated 70’s science fiction comic books. Ride some more rollers to set up at a funny county park and then a second day of pedaling, ferries, a snow cone roadside stand, local produce, beaches, homes of designs that signal that the designers had Ideas and weren’t afraid of difference. (Other?) tourists on bikes, was that a Ferrari Bugatti Mercedes parade that just went by?, panniers encourage us into the luxury of changes of clothes that we don’t need. Astonished again by the gentle remoteness, by the easy proximity, and always the surprise of the rightness of the scale of the sphere of perception of a place, especially one one thinks one knows, while on a bicycle.