Breckenridge to Colorado Springs I


A simple overnighter on lovely Colorado roads and tracks. Legs certainly don’t want to ascend Boreas Pass the day after racing, but the easygoing brilliance of the day carries us along. We go through our PB&J stash with alarming gusto and rapidity alongside streams, through dusty horse and cattle country, knurled crags against puff Western skies. 

20120708-095343.jpgHeading east off of the pass,descending into the valley to tiny quiet historic Como.


20120708-095242.jpgBikepacking with the folding English 2-9 in single speed mode — 32×19 — was surprisingly agreeable.
(The only frustration was getting left behind on the flats and descents.)


Conscious of the luxury of it, reveling, we’ve packed our jeans for the cooling night. Perfect: ride, eat, sun sets, sleep.

5 thoughts on “Breckenridge to Colorado Springs I

  1. Oh Como…

    Did you ride the flume trail?! I’ve ridden that with 6 inches of standing water and hail floating in it!

    Did you ride Buffalo Creek? Oh please say you rode Buff Creek!

  2. Joe, Looks like a real nice time. I like the thought that I can follow a dotted line– the Divide– to meet you atop Boreas Pass. I’m about 30 miles south of Banff at the moment.

  3. Looks like a nice ride.
    I drive up fr Texas an do co trail Georgia pass, stay at the hostel in brek then ride the flume back. Makes for a good weekend trip.

    What’s next for you?

    Alex morgan

    • Hey Alex, that does sound like an excellent weekend trip. Certainly jealous that getting to Colorado is more of a haul for me.

      I don’t have firm plans for touring anywhere soon, though I’ll likely head to Arizona or Oregon in October for a week bikepack with some west of the Mississippi friends. For the chunk of time at the end of the year and January ’13, kicking around a few ideas: Madagascar, Sri Lanka, back to seductive Italy, maybe?

      Hope you’re well,

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