Lower Manhattan Postcard

Steel glass concrete spectating over active film sets or 18th century churches, casting Wall Street’s class difference shadows, it is Chinatown, it’s 9/11, a bridge a statue a slip a vacant fish market a cobbled street, ten different food truck lunch options for queuing up business skirts plus tourist enormous SLR shorts, it’s every third one-way street under repair, it’s progressive playgrounds and dog runs filled with noisy cheer. It’s Gehry’s twisted glinting high rise, it’s new towers, it’s dozens of buildings where if you look at the detail carefully enough they turn into striving. Ferry to Governor’s Island, picnic views through the statues and sculptures, greenscape and columned colonials or waiting for the next thing limping brick buildings. Round the tip, boats, Battery Park’s ambling walk, everyone’s running to something in their Dartmouth or Stanford t’s, fishing pole bells jingling catches. Then round a temporal corner and it’s a crucial theater for the Revolutionary War, 8 guns on Brooklyn Heights over the East River ineffectual against English ships anchored at Red Hook and off of Staten Island, Washington’s troops danced then ran from here. Palimpsest.

Pedal in the sun down heat, weave shoulder to shoulder like CHiPs or Nancy Drew and a Hardy Boy.