Pugsley Mods

(All photos courtesy of Rob English from his news blog.)

The Surly Pugsley proved to be an exemplary expedition bike in South America. Though I remain tempted by Moonlanders*, I expect the Pugs to be the go-to machine for anything properly silly. There were a few things, however, that I wanted done for future missions to make it more suitable for carrying water and gear (cf., Cass’s Troll), and I finally got around to sending it to English cycles. These mods were surely embarrassingly brainless for Rob, who builds exceedingly clever and innovative machines, including my folding 2-9 and my road race bike.

I had him install triple bottle bosses on the down tube for a regular cage or a Salsa Anything.

Too, there are now two sets of bosses on each fork leg, one triple set angled rearward at about 4 and 8 o’clock as viewed looking down from the cockpit and one angled forward 2 and 10 o’clock-ish. The result is a much cleaner version of my hose clamp madness.

Then an additional boss was installed on each chain stay near the dropout to use in combination with the original rack mount for the rear bottle setup that I found useful.

Since my Pugs is mildly vintage, I also had the canti brake bosses and cable noodle removed. The repaint is a flat black.

* Because I’m American and know that bigger is better, which is true about half the time.