Carretera Cast of Characters

Just some of the great folks I met while cycling the Carretera.

Ken from Japan. Rode Alaska to Ushuaia, now on his way back to Bolivia for more exploration.

Super fun quartet from Italy riding the Carretera.

JP and Miguel, hilarious stoner architecture students from Santiago.


Francis, Lima to Ushuaia and Baptiste, Alaska to Ushuaia.

Christopher from Switzerland.

Vincent from Switzerland.

Marie (with a lot of stuff) from Buenos Aires. Marie was the only person in five months to look me over once and guess that I’m American. Didn’t ask her what tipped her off.

Alex Morgan heading north riding a cool Salsa Vaya setup and helping to secure our national reputation for daft lightweight bikepacking.

And do check in on Anne and Carsten, doing a great South America ride on a combo recumbent/safety bike tandem. Alas, I neglected to take a photo of them or their fantastic rig. We had a great evening talking physics, philosophy, and bikes.