Six Bottle Cages

The setup continues to get more and more baroque. Skeptics indicate that I might like to have a bit more agua for some stretches south. Obvious solution: more bottle cages!


I guess I have to get over the idea of looking cool if I ever did. Maybe I need four Ortlieb panniers…

ps. In gear news, I’ve:

– Acquired a Cusquena Cervesa futbol jersey.
– Given away my Endura 3/4 pants because they were too bulky and heavy when packed.
– Gained a lighter pair of pants to ride in.
– Given away my softshell gloves.
– Gained a pair of mitten shells, as I was envious of Walwyn’s.
– Given away my silk sleeping bag liner because I only ever used it as a pillow and I realized I don’t care about filthy hostal sheets; my own filth usually gives a run for the money.
– Ditched the tiny bottle of saline solution.