Six Bottle Cages

The setup continues to get more and more baroque. Skeptics indicate that I might like to have a bit more agua for some stretches south. Obvious solution: more bottle cages!



I guess I have to get over the idea of looking cool if I ever did. Maybe I need four Ortlieb panniers…

ps. In gear news, I’ve:

– Acquired a Cusquena Cervesa futbol jersey.
– Given away my Endura 3/4 pants because they were too bulky and heavy when packed.
– Gained a lighter pair of pants to ride in.
– Given away my softshell gloves.
– Gained a pair of mitten shells, as I was envious of Walwyn’s.
– Given away my silk sleeping bag liner because I only ever used it as a pillow and I realized I don’t care about filthy hostal sheets; my own filth usually gives a run for the money.
– Ditched the tiny bottle of saline solution.

13 thoughts on “Six Bottle Cages

  1. Never fear leaving those bottle cages in place, they’ll carry all manner of things if you let them: jars of peanut butter and other foods, small hard-sided goods, soft goods such as a 4″ tube or rain pants (requiring a strap). Or, plastic jars and bottles could be used to store dried foods, tools, or clothing for a watertight container. The bike once looked like a boy with a thin moustach; now, like a young man with a weather-beaten face and beard.

  2. We found a sleeping bag liner at the Casa in La Paz and started getting suspicious…

    Glad I’ve been able to influence you in something – the mitten shells do a great job!

    Heading out in another day – will watch for your tracks :-)

    Tom (and Sarah)

  3. any reason you didn’t end up going for the Anything Cages?
    how about using a topeak 1.5 litre bottle cage holder on the downtube (you can squeeze in a 2L bottle when you really need to) and stashing fuel elsewhere? Or do as Nick does – a Profile cage with a 1.2L Kleen Kanteen.
    btw, between the two of you, I have a serious fat tyre itch…
    oh, and let me know if you need some decent PB posted – just give me an address and it’s on the way!

    • Hey Cass,,

      Absolutely, those are for sure better options. My limiter is that I am bodging this together down here with locally available resources, so standard cages only. But yes, a topeak big cage on the downtube (wonder if they would work mounted too in that rear configuration) and a pair of anything cages on the fork that could host some big nalgene bottles. That would be the business.

      As you can guess, there’s going to be some Pugsley frame drilling when I get home, a la your Troll…


  4. Kleen Kanteen has a 64 oz. bottle out now, since you are talking about using the Anything cages. That’s as big as any bottle will fit in the Modula. Profile design cages require proper bottle mounts; they don’t readily accept hose clamps, and the “winged” sections eventualky break in use. Not a problem in the States, they are $5.

    Re: Mongolia. Consider it saved. What’s the ETD?

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