Six Bottle Cages

The setup continues to get more and more baroque. Skeptics indicate that I might like to have a bit more agua for some stretches south. Obvious solution: more bottle cages!



I guess I have to get over the idea of looking cool if I ever did. Maybe I need four Ortlieb panniers…

ps. In gear news, I’ve:

– Acquired a Cusquena Cervesa futbol jersey.
– Given away my Endura 3/4 pants because they were too bulky and heavy when packed.
– Gained a lighter pair of pants to ride in.
– Given away my softshell gloves.
– Gained a pair of mitten shells, as I was envious of Walwyn’s.
– Given away my silk sleeping bag liner because I only ever used it as a pillow and I realized I don’t care about filthy hostal sheets; my own filth usually gives a run for the money.
– Ditched the tiny bottle of saline solution.

Around La Paz Exploring

The Salar hogs the glamour, but the area nearer La Paz would immensely reward spirited exploration. With a clever itinerary, one could travel in a truly fast and light backpacking style on a dual suspension rig. On an imaginary future trip I imagine riding down Yunga Cruz to the jungle and then up The Death Road.

Or bring an unstoppable Fat Bike for a more deliberate, deep backcountry effort.

Here are some maps for riding and walking in the Yungas and mountains north and northeast of La Paz, including the Death Road. All of them are available in La Paz; I post them here for pre-trip planning.

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