South America Bikepacking Kit update

(In the unlikely event that even one or two people care.)

This is what I started with. Since saying goodbye to the backpack and its water bladder, I’ve abandoned*:

– t-shirt
– gore-tex shorts (no more warm weather rain, only the freezing kind)
– 1 pr padded liner shorts
– spare camera battery (never used it)
– iPhone AA battery charger (never used it)
– #4 Allen key (rare use and my backup Park MT-1 wrench has one)
– DEET (high up, will deal with it in future as need arises)
– Dual earbud adapter (never used it, phone speaker instead)
– Tent stakes (rocks suffice)
– Maps for Ecuador, the Cordillera Blanca (not to worry AE, I mailed home a brand new one to replace yours), and the top half of Peru
– Finished the novel a month ago, haven’t found a suitable replacement and just read from the Kindle app on the phone

There is now almost an embarrassment of space in the seat bag, and I am able to carry a couple of days of breakfast, a lunch or two, and one dinner for three. Still, there remain naysaying predictions of my demise by starvation on the Salar. I elect to remain deaf to this pessimism.

*I’ve also exchanged the practical visor for a regular ball cap, in part because of Walwyn’s indirect implied suggestions that I look like a Japanese Ladies Professional Golf Association Pro, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The other motivation is that I got tired of being jealous of the crowds of Peruvians with Yankee caps on. Thought I should fly the birthtown crest, too, and not least of all because it reminds me of the person it reminds me of.

7 thoughts on “South America Bikepacking Kit update

  1. Not to detract from your fantastic journey, but just wondered how you are packing the GF1?
    As much as I dislike traditional bar bags and would be happy to be rid of mine, they’re just so convenient for snapping quick pictures along the way. When I rode the AZT with a rollbag pouch (PR rather than Revelate, but similar) I found getting to the Gf1 quickly wasn’t always easy. Plus, double-packing it in a drybag for mixed weather means another layer to deal with…

    • Hey Cass, not detracting at all, nice to be in touch while on the road.

      re Camera carry. Um, well, you’re going to shake your head and shudder, but I just push the naked camera into the pocket, wedged next to the jacket and hat and whatever else is in there. No case or cover, unless it’s raining in which event it’s wrapped in a plastic grocery bag that once had avocados in it. Yes, the camera is rattled up and plenty scratched, but it’s also accessible.

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