South America Bikepacking Kit update

(In the unlikely event that even one or two people care.)

This is what I started with. Since saying goodbye to the backpack and its water bladder, I’ve abandoned*:

– t-shirt
– gore-tex shorts (no more warm weather rain, only the freezing kind)
– 1 pr padded liner shorts
– spare camera battery (never used it)
– iPhone AA battery charger (never used it)
– #4 Allen key (rare use and my backup Park MT-1 wrench has one)
– DEET (high up, will deal with it in future as need arises)
– Dual earbud adapter (never used it, phone speaker instead)
– Tent stakes (rocks suffice)
– Maps for Ecuador, the Cordillera Blanca (not to worry AE, I mailed home a brand new one to replace yours), and the top half of Peru
– Finished the novel a month ago, haven’t found a suitable replacement and just read from the Kindle app on the phone

There is now almost an embarrassment of space in the seat bag, and I am able to carry a couple of days of breakfast, a lunch or two, and one dinner for three. Still, there remain naysaying predictions of my demise by starvation on the Salar. I elect to remain deaf to this pessimism.

*I’ve also exchanged the practical visor for a regular ball cap, in part because of Walwyn’s indirect implied suggestions that I look like a Japanese Ladies Professional Golf Association Pro, not that there’s anything wrong with that. The other motivation is that I got tired of being jealous of the crowds of Peruvians with Yankee caps on. Thought I should fly the birthtown crest, too, and not least of all because it reminds me of the person it reminds me of.