Revelate Designs bags

I know, I’m egregiously tardy to the party, what with so many reliable sources indicating euphoric satisfaction with Revelate (formerly Epic) designs bags. I’ve just received a custom framebag, gas tank, and seatbag to go along with the front pocket and sling I already had. The fit and finish of the items are — as everyone indicates — impeccable, the stitching meticulous, the designs ingenious.

I’ve never met Eric Parsons but we’ve chatted a bit about adventures, about doing personally ambitious things on bicycles with incomparable joy in far away places. He’s terrific, and it’s a great pleasure to talk to the guy building your gear and to know that, not only does he get it, but he’s at the front. He deserves all the success that he’s enjoying.

Bikepacking gear: Revelate Designs; Bike: Rob English Folding 29er with Shimano Alfine 8 speed internal gear hub + Jtek shifter.