Parks and Rides

Zion National Park

I remember half my life ago moving out West into gritscapes, furnace sunrises, impossible canyons and skies, cottonwoods. Where true myths like national parks or limitless wilderness were invented as a complement to wishful libertarian graspings, the ranches, railroad towns, mining claims, mountain enclaves. And now the glinty waterwasteful clean modern America superimposed in a dappled here and there.

I don’t live there anymore but the vital road tripping bikepacking high speed skinny tire touring hiking boots visits find their way into every future.

(Apologies for the awful pun of the title.)

Zion National Park

Mojave National Preserve

Joshua Tree National Park

Above St. George, UT (on the doucherocket)

Blue Diamond, Nevada

Those whimsical Utah brewers

Zion National Park

Joshua Tree NP

Gooseberry Mesa, Utah

Near St. George, Utah

Zion NP

Near St. George, UT

Tucson Mountain Park

Bug Springs Trail, above Tucson

Blue Diamond, Nevada

Bite me, Williamstown