Fat bike to AK

I’ve decided to take the Pugsley fat bike.

A nothing exotic build on a 2010 Surly Pugsley; Grip king pedals; Old Man Mountain Cold Springs rear rack; Rivendell (Nitto) Mark’s front rack with 350mm mounting struts;  Revelate Designs front sling; Arkel rear panniers mostly cinched tight, but expandable for portaging eight days of food.

Yes, it’s comically heavy and unwieldy.  But, if the wheels keep turning over the terrain you encounter, the bike you tour on mostly doesn’t make a difference to the images that stay with you, the people you meet, the thoughts you think.

One source of easy confidence is that I’m headed to what is probably precisely the one place on the planet where the average local bike shop is as likely to have replacement parts for a fat bike as for a regular road bike or mountain bike.