Bike portage up to the Thorung La

Bike portage up to the Thorung La

2 thoughts on “Bike portage up to the Thorung La

  1. Hi,
    Congratulations for conquering Thorong La .
    I am a National rider of my country Nepal.
    Can you please share any information about trails, routes , videos, pics, and your valuable tips and advices.
    Can it be done on a motorbike?
    Any help would be highly appreciated.

  2. Hi Deepak—Thank you for visiting. I miss Nepal, one of the most beautiful countries I have visited both in terms of landscapes and people! In 2007 I raced in your national championship race outside of Kathmandu and had a wonderful time. It is a good memory.

    As far as notes on the Thorung La and Annapurna circuit in general, I have recorded my thoughts here:

    You will know better than I whether the proposed road up to Manang has been completed. When I was last there, it was still being built. The route that I took, however, was on the trekking track, and this cannot be done on motorbike, as there is substantial carrying of the bicycle on one’s shoulder.

    Finally, I have some photos from my last time there here:

    All the best, and I hope that we can ride together some time.


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