Nepal gear

Complete kit for riding in Nepal for a couple of weeks. Everything travels in the Osprey pack except for the clothes/gear worn, the SLR (in the chest pack), the sleeping bag (attached to the bars), the seat bag (attached to the saddle), and the bottle. Pack = 12.5 lbs./5.7 kg.

Left to right, top to bottom:

Sleeping bag, SLR in chest pack, sandals/watch/sunglasses/first aid kit, pack towel/toiletries, moist towelettes/shampoo tin, steripen/spare batteries, silk sleeping bag liner, cashmere shawl, shoes.

Helmet, travel pants, merino t-shirt, long sleeve jersey, bottle, gore-tex jacket, puff vest

Saddle bag with tools, over shorts, merino underwear, goretex shorts, rucksack

Mini pump/shop rag, cycling shorts, merino jersey, gloves, leg warmers, wool cycling cap, cotton cycling cap, 2 pairs merino socks, shock pump

Novel/maps/, passport/passport copies, headlamp, electric outlet adapter/blinkie recharge leads/usb port plug adapter, emergency gel, cable lock, headphones/phone recharge cord, pen, notebook, iPhone.