Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro

For the month spent in New Zealand, I rode my Bike Friday Pocket Rocket Pro.  I was swayed by the formidable convenience: getting a ride to the train station, taking Amtrak then the subway to the airport in NYC, checking the standard sized suitcase through to Auckland, boarding another carrier to Nelson, then riding to Motueka. I doubt anyone had any idea a bicycle was in the case as I easily wheeled it along.  English cycles built for me a custom rack on which to mount small panniers, and I carried the tent and sleeping bag in a stuff sack on the bars.  With all that business removed, I could join friends on  road rides.

Though the Friday was far from ideal on the rough gravel roads and the mountain bike tracks (alas, I’m not kidding), it proved itself perfectly capable once again.  Note the American flag so I wouldn’t be confused for a Canadian.*

*That’s a joke. But it is funny how much Canadians love that maple leaf flag