Setup for Southeast Asia tour

This is the setup I used when I toured Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Laos in 2009.

On body: ss wool polo shirt, cycling shorts (baggy), money pouch, sandals, cycling cap, helmet, sunglasses, p&s camera

In saddle bag: ls wool shirt, cotton t-shirt, travel pants, cycing shorts, wool underwear, socks, flip flops, small toolkit, 2 tubes, shop rag, cable lock, headlamp, toiletries, first-aid kit, novel, rear blinker

In stuff sack: wind/rain jacket with zip-off sleeves, medium gloves, knee warmers, insulated vest, wool cap, neoprene socks, silk sleep sack, mini towel

In frame bag: Canon G7 camera, phone, iPod, travel documents, steripen water purifier, maps, guidebook pages

On bicycle: pump, spare spokes, bottles