Vietnam postcard

[From December 2008.]

Outside. Revelry, the sound of broken glass but not in anger, indelibly the sentiment comes through, the elation of football fans the world over. Now drums against scooter horns.  I gather that Vietnam has won something celebration worthy, nor did my ignorance stop me from dancing a bit with folks on the street, cheery thumbs ups or whooping.

Spent the day, exquisite heat, at the war museum, looking at architecture, then taking in energetic urban rhythms in a city that seems to be thriving. Wrote, well, recorded parts of a lecture on free will and causation in consciousness, two bits of esoteria that I work on, primarily as they relate to neuroscience and cognitive models, but also lately with respect to the history of Buddhism.

Tomorrow I pedal to Ben Tre, then Can Tho, the floating markets of the delta, then Chau Doc and the Cambodian border. I’ll try to be in Phenom Phen for new years eve.