Pakistan postcard

[From September 2007.]

Lahore is wonderful, terrific historically and culturally.  My university lecture was by all appearances a success, big, animated crowd.  I started by talking about the explosive moment in literature when Woolf and Joyce write wholeheartedly in a stream of consciousness, I used that to motivate an internal perspective on ourselves and how different that is from a conceptualized, rationally reconstructed perspective.  This latter view inevitably runs into skepticism, and I argue for embodied cognition, sketching what that might be like in the cognitive sciences.  Dozen of people asked questions, animated, fun, clear, smart students, smart adults. Got the most amazing designer Pakistani Kurta, this shirt that makes me look like I’m in the matrix, I wore during the lecture and was a huge, did I say huge? hit just in that respect. My hosts then had a dinner party, up until all hours.  The next day I attended a clandestine reading group, an awesome clique of older women who tell their husbands that they are gossiping and drinking tea but where instead they are discussing philosophy, theology, politics.  I have a cook, a tailor, and driver at my disposal.  Then another night out, this time with a small group of philosophy students who wish to continue the discussion.